Tordenskjold Township

Tordenskjold Township, organized September 8, 1869, as Blooming Grove, was renamed May 10, 1870, in honor of Peder Tordenskjold, renowned Norwegian admiral in the Danish service. He was born in Trondhjem, Norway, October 28, 1691; and was killed in a duel at Hanover, Germany, November 20, 1720. His original surname was Wessel, and the name of this township, meaning “Thunder Shield,” was conferred on him by the king of Denmark as a title of nobility.*

*Source: The Book “Minnesota Geographic Names: Their Origin and Historic Significance” Volume 17 – 1920 By Warren Upham”

The Historic location of Fort Juelson is located in in this township.

Tordenskjold has the distinction of being named the Otter Tail County seat. On February 28, 1870, the Minnesota state legislature by special act, agreed to move the county seat from Otter Tail City to Tordenskjold. County commissioners appropriated $1000 to build a courthouse and jail, but before construction could begin the special act was found illegal since the decision was made without a public vote.

Tordenskjold Township residents Has P and Jordette Bjorge 1869
Early settlers Hans P. and Jordette (Sjordal) Bjorge arrived in Tordenskjold Township on May 13, 1869.

About The Area

Population: 550
Area: 35.91895
Major Lakes: Dane, Fisk, Long, Olson, South Turtle, Stalker, Tamarack
Minor Civil Division: 2711165218
Township and Range: T 132N - R 41W

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Commissioner District: District 3
Cities in this Township:
No locations listed

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