Perham Township

Perham Township

organized March 19, 1872, was then called Marion Lake Township, for the lake adjoining its southwest corner; but March 1, 1877, it was renamed, to be like its village, by an act of the legislature. Josiah Perham, commemorated in this name, was the first president of the Northern Pacific railroad company, in 1864-65. He was born in Wilton,. Maine, in 1803, and died in Boston, Mass., in 1868. Very interesting biographic notes, with narration of his enthusiastic efforts for construction of this transcontinental railway line, are given in Eugene V. Smalley’s “History of the Northern Pacific Railroad” (1883, chapters XI-XV, pp. 97-132).

About The Area

Population: 827
Area: 33.24737
Major Lakes: Little Pine, Mud
Minor Civil Division: 2711150488
Township and Range: T 136N - R 39W

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Commissioner District: District 1
Cities in this Township:

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