Otter Tail Township

Otter Tail Township

organized September 5, 1870, and its railway village, platted in the summer of 1903 and incorporated May 3, 1904, were named like this county, for its largest lake. (click here to see how Otter Tail lake got it’s name)

Otter Tail City, the early station op a route of fur traders in going from St. Paul and Crow Wing to the Red River Valley, was in the area of this township, being for several years the place of the U. S. land office, and later it was the first county seat.

Is “Otter Tail” One Word, or Two?

“Otter Tail” is the correct spelling when referring to the township, as it is with all the following:

  • Otter Tail County
  • Otter Tail Township
  • Otter Tail Lake
  • Otter Tail River

In fact, there is only ONE official government entity that utilizes a single word, and that is the city of “Ottertail”.

About The Area

Population: 491
Area: 30.34395
Major Lakes: Buchanan, Gourd, Long, Otter Tail
Minor Civil Division: 2711149228
Township and Range: T 134N - R 39W

Interactive Street Map
Commissioner District: District 4
Cities in this Township:

Plat Books Last Updated: May 2016

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