Leaf Mountain Township

Leaf mountain Township, organized January 7, 1874, was at first called Dovre Fjeld, for the mountainous plateau of that name in Norway. It was renamed March 18, 1874, for its Leaf hills or “mountains,” a belt of conspicuous moranic drift hills, more fully noticed at the end of this chapter. Their aboriginal name, given by Gilfillan as Gaskilbugwudjiwe, translated as “Rustling Leaf mountain,” was applied alike by the Ojibways to these drift hills.

Source: The Book “Minnesota Geographic Names: Their Origin and Historic Significance” Volume 17 – 1920 By Warren Upham”

Leaf Mountain is home to Inspiration Peak a State of Minnesota wayside park and the highest point in Otter Tail County rising 1750 feet above sea level.

About The Area

Population: 326
Area: 35.85309
Major Lakes: George, Jessie, Sampson, Spitzer, Toms
Minor Civil Division: 2711136008
Township and Range: T 131N - R 39W

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Commissioner District: District 3
Cities in this Township:
No locations listed

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