Thank a Licensed Family Child Care Provider Today!

Posted On: May 5, 2020
Posted By: Human Services,

This year, on May 8 we celebrate Licensed Family Child Care Provider Day to honor childcare providers for the extraordinary work they do. This special day is intended to recognize all those who nurture, teach, and care for children in multiple settings across the county. Childcare settings include school and community-based preschools, Head Start programs, childcare centers, and homes.

Although Licensed Family Child Care Provider Day is recognized every year in May on the Friday before Mother’s Day, it is important that we show our appreciation year-round for individuals who serve an important role in providing high-quality childcare. We know that nurturing and responsive early care and education provides a solid foundation for children’s ongoing success.

Children are Otter Tail County’s most valuable asset and resource. Otter Tail County has over 126 licensed family childcare providers licensed on behalf of the Minnesota Department of Human Services by Otter Tail County Human Services. Family childcare providers in the county serve approximately 1,300 children and their families.  The care and education of Otter Tail County’s children provided by licensed family childcare givers is an invaluable occupation. Licensed family childcare providers are highly competent, dedicated, caring, and concerned professionals who teach, love, and keep our children safe while providing a calm, empathetic presence, and predictable routine which children need.

Licensed family childcare providers are an invaluable resource during the COVID-19 peacetime emergency. During this public health pandemic childcare providers have become front line workers in slowing the spread of the virus while taking care of the children of essential workers. Now, more than ever, is a good time to show appreciation to those who care for our children through challenging times.

The Otter Tail County Board of Commissioners proclaim May 8, 2020 as Licensed Family Child Care Provider Day in Otter Tail County, in honor of its many licensed family child care providers, and asks the community to join in recognizing the valuable contributions these family child care providers make to our community.

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