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On September 5th, 2017, the Otter Tail County Board of Commissioners adopted the Findings of Fact, Conclusions of Law and Order, in the matter of the decision of Need for an Environmental Impact Statement for the Star Lake Casino Development. The Otter Tail County Board of Commissioners also reviewed and adopted the proposed scope of the EIS as outlined in the Technical Memorandum.  At that time, the estimated cost of the scoping process was $29,595. In accordance with MN Rules 4410.6500 subp. 1 (A), the proposer shall pay the RGU for the full cost estimated by the RGU to be necessary for the scoping of the EIS not later than five days of issuance of a positive declaration. The RGU shall not proceed with the scoping process until this payment is made. To date, Otter Tail County (i.e. the RGU) has not received the bond which is required to proceed with the scoping process. The proposed property is currently classified as non-homestead agricultural, rural vacant land, and forest/park/wildlife.

September 2017

Findings of Fact – Star Lake Casino Development 9-5-2017
Star Lake Casino Development EAW Comments-Responses
Technical Memorandum for Star Lake Casino EIS Fee Estimate by Houston Engineering

August 2017

PowerPoint from Commissioners Meeting

Houston Engineer Inc. PowerPoint Presented at 8-22-2017 County Board Meeting

Technical Memorandum for EAW by Houston Engineering

Technical Memo 8-22-2017

Proposers Response to EAW Comments and Questions:

Response to Comments
Access to Lake Summary
Biological Diversity Summary
Groundwater Summary
Land Use & Compatibility Environmental Assessment Summary
Star Lake EAW Stormwater Summary
Traffic Summary
Wastewater Summary
Wetlands Summary

July 2017

EAW Comments – Star Lake Casino 7-13-2017
Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) Needs Determination Postponed
SLCCG Proposed Findings 7-10-2017

Public Comments

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Star Lake Casino Comments 06-2017
Star Lake Casino Final Email Comments Star Lake Casino Final Email Comments 6-27-2017
Star Lake Casino Final Email Comments 6-28-2017

June 2017

EAW-Star Lake Casino Development

May 2017

Star Lake Casino Development EAW 05-12-2017 (full-signed)

Environmental Assessment Worksheet

Board of Commissioners Meeting (9/27/16)

Board of Commissioners concurs and adopts the findings of Houston Engineering’s Technical Memorandum.
Approved Meeting Minutes

Assessment of EAW Completeness by Houston Engineering, Inc. (09-22-2016)

Star Lake Casino Development Assessment of EAW Completeness

EAW Materials Submitted (09-08-2016)

Star Lake EAW Text
Star Lake EAW Figures
Star Lake EAW Appendices
Star Lake Final Wetland Delineation Report
Star Lake Wetland Notice of Decision Final Approval
Star Lake Wetland Original Notice of Decision
Star Lake Waste Water Report
Star Lake Phase l-ll Archaeological Reconnaissance Survey
Star Lake ER – LREC – EAW
Star Lake – LREC Environmental Report

Conditional Use Permit Application Request

Planning Commission Meeting 09-21-2016
Meeting Minutes
Application Correspondence

Application Materials

Notice of Public Hearing
Planning Commission Agenda
Conditional Use Permit Application
Site Survey – Alta Survey
Notice of Decision Verifying Wetland Boundary
Wetland Delineation Report
Civil Engineering Drawings for Site Improvements
Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan
Shoreland Management & Project Information
Site Lighting Plans
Shooting Star Casino Star Lake Signage Monument
Shooting Star Casino Star Lake Signage Pylon

Presentation by SLCCG on 08-16-2016

At 9:30 a.m. on 08-16-2016, Chairman Rogness reconvened the Board of Commissioners meeting and opened discussion to Ty Dayton, spokesperson for the Star Lake Concerned Citizens Group (SLCCG) regarding the proposed casino and hotel development. Speaking on behalf of concerned citizens, Ty Dayton requested support for County, State, and Federal Officials and White Earth Enterprises to elevate the environmental review for the proposed Star Lake Casino Development to the highest standards available. Documents related to the SLCCG presentation are below.

SLCCG Board Discussion 8-16-2016

Wetland Replacement Plan

On 06-22-2016 the public comment period regarding White Earth Nation’s Wetland Replacement Plan (Mitigation of Wetland impacts on the Fee Land) began. The public comment period for this application ended on 07-22-2016. Documents related to the wetland replacement plan and application are below.

Notice of Application
Star Lake Wetland Replacement Plan Application
Public Comments on Wetland Replacement Plan

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