Otter Tail County Long-Range Strategic Plan

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Updates and Information on Otter Tail County’s Long-Range Strategic Plan

Plan Goals

The long-range strategic planning process for Otter Tail County has three major goals:

  1. Provide an opportunity to engage with residents and stakeholders to understand current opportunities and
  2. Review existing county systems (natural resources, housing, etc.) and opportunities and challenges for the future.
  3. Develop a vision and goals for the future of Otter Tail County that can be used as a tool for future decision making. The resulting Otter Tail County Long-Range Strategic Plan will provide a document that outlines strategies for growth and preservation of various strategic planning elements (i.e., economic development, transportation, asset management, etc.) based on input from County residents and stakeholders.

October 2018

County leaders are asking: what do we want our communities to look like in the next 25 years? This planning effort is aimed at capturing residents’ desires for the future of Otter Tail County. To engage residents and stakeholders the leadership team held four focus groups, one in each quadrant of the county, to listen to residents’ visions for the future of Otter Tail County. The focus group included students, teachers, senior citizens, farmers, business owners, members of the local arts community as well as local government officials and tourism stakeholders.

What should Otter Tail County be known for in 2040? This question was asked of focus group participants. The focus group emphasized the importance of public engagement by asking participants to identify opportunities and issues that may affect the future of the county.


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