Lakes and Lake Improvement Districts

Little McDonald, Kerbs, Paul & Devils Lake

September 2019 LMKP/DLD Elevations June 2019 To go from Datum 88 which the elevations are given in to Datum 29, subtract .8 from the elevations. Operation Plan for the LMKP/DLD Outlet Operation Plan Supplement for Paul and Rusch Lakes October 2018 LMKP Moratorium 09-25-2018 October 2017 DLD Lake Outlet Project LMKP Lake Outlet Project Environmental […]

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What is a Lake Improvement District (LID)?

Lake Improvement Districts Questions and Answers   1. What is a Lake Improvement District (LID)? A LID is a local governmental unit, a political subdivision, established by resolution of a county board, city council or by the commissioner of the department of natural resources. A LID allows for greater local involvement in lake management activities. […]

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South Turtle Lake Elevations

South Turtle Lake Elevations 2007-2019

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LID – Star Lake Improvement District (Proposed)

July 2014 Election Results: 2014 Summary Statement for Proposed Star Lake LID (YES 38.86% / NO 61.14%) Order Establishing District 07-16-2013 Otter Tail County Order Staying Establishment of Star Lake Improvement District Resolution of Intent to Establish Star LID 10-04-2012 Map of Star Lake Minutes and Documents for Proposed Star Lake Improvement District Public Hearing […]

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LID – Devils & Little Devils Lake Improvement District

September 2011 Order Establishing Devils and Little Devils Lakes Improvement District

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