Ice Damage Repair Policy


A Conditional Use or a Lot Alteration Permit will not be required for earthmoving necessary to repair ice damaged shoreline provided:

1. The property owner’s information, property information, lake information and signature are provided using the online Ice Damage Repair Policy Application.

2. The repair is limited to shoreline damaged during the winter of 2019 – 2020.

3. No more than 200 feet of shoreline per lot is repaired.

4. The ice ridge material is leveled and flattened in place when possible.

5. If conditions do not allow the ice ridge to be leveled in place, it may be pulled landward from the lake on upland areas or removed from the site.

6. No ice ridge spoil may be pushed towards the lake.

7. No more than 10 cubic yards of topsoil may be placed within the Shore Impact Zone in order to restore the disturbed vegetative cover (i.e. wheel tracks).

8. All disturbed areas are appropriately stabilized (i.e. straw roll, erosion control blanket, or hydro seed) within 10 days of completion of the repair.

9. The shoreline repair is completed between April 15, 2020 and October 1, 2020.

10. This policy does not apply to the lakes that are in the LMKP outlet project; Little McDonald Lake, Paul Lake, Kerbs Lake and Devils Lake (56-245), until the moratorium has been lifted.

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