Lien Looks to Future of Public Health

Posted On: November 9, 2018

Jody Lien Looks to Future of Public Health as New Director for Otter Tail County, MN

Otter Tail County Public Health Director Jody Lien
Public Health Director Lien

As Jody Lien begins her position as Director of Public Health her first opportunity will be to continue to align public health’s work to the mission and long-range plans of the county and the community health board. Strategic planning has been a focus of leadership in Otter Tail County this year.

Jody Lien graduated from North Dakota State University. She worked as an intensive care and emergency room nurse, as well as completing traveling nurse assignments before joining Otter Tail County Public Health. Ms Lien has worked in the department for twelve years and says that public health has “broadened her skills.” Working as a traveling nurse in an ever-changing work environment challenged Lien to move from her comfort zone in a clinical setting and motivated her to sharpen her leadership skills.

As the new leader of the public health department in Otter Tail County and a leader on the Partnership4Health Community Health Board and statewide workgroups, Jody will have the opportunity to lead what she calls “the most valued asset-our incredible public health employees.”

Several members of the public health team are retiring this year and Jody says she will “work hard to have a successful transition and take change as a positive to continue to maintain and improve the work of the department.” Jody plans to continue to engage staff as a team, listen, and encourage input while working to develop a mission and value driven long range plan.

Communities can look for public health programs that promote a healthy valued workforce, community wellness, continued prevention and health promotion campaigns along with increased communication of events and services with the public.

Jody Lien ‘lives her best life here’ by investing time in others, community involvement, spending time at the lake and gardening. Ms Lien will lead and support several public health programs and initiatives. For more information about the variety of Otter Tail County Public Health Department services visit the new website at:

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