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Otter Tail County Drainage Systems

The administration of Drainage in Minnesota is enforced by MN State Statute 103E. In Otter Tail County, 60 County Drainage Ditch Systems were created under this Statute in order to Improve drainage across the County. These systems were established and built between 1900 and 1923 due to Public request for these systems to be created. These 60 systems are a combination of 325 miles of open channel and tile drainage infrastructure that were created to improve/increase farming capabilities, create outlets for land locked water bodies, and to drain nuisance wetlands that were considered a detriment to Public Health. Under the guidance of MN State Statute 103E, Otter Tail County staff is actively moving towards a more proactive approach in making sure that the Drainage System Infrastructure is being maintained and improved upon in order to better serve Otter Tail County in accordance with the MN State Statute that established them.

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Kevin Fellbaum
County Ditch Inspector / Engineer


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