COVID-19 Notice

The public is encouraged to continue to conduct assessment business by phone or email. If you need to visit the office please call 218-998-8010 to set up an appointment.

Our office staff are conducting mandatory site visits in your area.   State Statute MS. 273.01 requires that we physically review 1/5th of the parcels within Otter Tail County each year.  Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our office would like to conduct these visits with your safety and the safety of our staff in mind.  Therefore, we will be conducting our physical inspections in the following manner:

  • We WILL NOT be conducting interior views of any dwellings.  If there is any question on the dwellings value, quality or condition, we will request interior pictures.
  • We will knock on the door when on the property.  If you choose to answer the door, we will respect social distancing guidelines.  If you do not answer the door, we will conduct our exterior inspection and do measurements when warranted.
  • We will leave a door hanger with contact information if we have additional questions.
  • All appraisal staff will be wearing their Otter Tail County ID badges.
  • An exterior photo will be taken that will be used for reference within our system.

If you have any questions about your valuation or our quintile process, please call the 218-998-8010

The Otter Tail County Assessor’s Office values and classifies all types of real and personal property in Otter Tail County. The market values and classifications of taxable property are primary factors in the calculation of property taxes. The Office operates under Minnesota State Statutes, Minnesota Department of Revenue directives and County Board directives.



The use classification for each property is determined by the assessor. Applications for various use classifications, including homestead, agriculture, and exempt are processed by the assessor’s office. Please see the Property Tax Fact Sheets to see if you qualify for certain classifications.


  • Valuation notices are sent each spring showing the value assessed for taxes payable the following year. If the value is believed to be incorrect, please visit the Appeals Process.
  • Property tax statements are mailed to all property owners by March 31 of each year. This statement is the final property tax amount owed for the current year.
  • Truth in Taxation notices are sent to all property owners each November, before local governments finalize their budgets for the coming year.


The Appeals Process takes place every spring and public meetings are held to discuss valuation and classification for those who believe that your Estimated Market Value or Classification is incorrect based on their valuation notice received in the spring. You may search the dates, times and location of each meeting here once available or visit our News & Meetings tab at the top of the page.

Otter Tail County Assessor’s Office Mission Statement

To Treat All People Fairly and with Respect and to Value and Classify Property under State Law with Competency and Diligence.

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December 24, 2020 12:00 pm
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