County Commissioner Roger Froemming Passes Away After a Life-Time of Public Service

Posted On: November 1, 2018

Roger Froemming, a dedicated public servant, died at his home on Tuesday, October 30th , 2018. Mr. Froemming devoted more than half his life to serving the public. Commissioner Froemming exemplified altruism in his service to constituents with his unpretentiousness and kind demeanor.  He was elected in 1998 and served the people of Otter Tail County for twenty years.

Doug Walvatne, OTC County Assessor, speaks for many at the county, “Mr. Froemming was a very gifted individual who took his job as County Commissioner very seriously.  Mr. Froemming always reacted to issues in a respectful and professional manor, hearing both sides and ultimately making well thought out decisions.  Public service can be very trying at times, but Mr. Froemming was always there to lend words of encouragement and support.  I have appreciated working with Mr. Froemming as he will be greatly missed by the employees of Otter Tail County as well as the many constituents he so faithfully served.”

As County Commissioner of Otter Tail County, Mr. Froemming, Vice Chair of the Board of Commissioners, represented District 4 which comprises 19 of the county’s 62 townships and nine of the county’s 22 major cities and towns.

“Roger was a dedicated public servant, in his local Township, at the County, and across the State.  Roger always treated me to a smile that was as warm and as deep as his heart.”  Lamented Loren R. Ingebretsen, District 9 Director, MN Association of Townships. “He was a fine example of what God commands us to be:  Good stewards of the talents we have been given.”

Roger Froemming began his public service early in his life by serving in the United States Air Force from 1955 to 1959. He was honorably discharged and returned to his home in Parkers Prairie. In 1978, Roger was elected to the Folden Township Board and served for twenty years. Mr. Froemming was elected to the Otter Tail County Board of Commissioners in 1998 and served the people of District 4 for 20 years.

“His humility and gentle demeanor were always informed by a philosophy of serving constituents’ needs and immediate concerns.”  Shares John Dinsmore, County Administrator and long-time associate, “Although he was keenly aware of how county government affects people broadly, Roger never lost sight of the importance of representing and serving the individual needs of the people who lived in his district.”

During Mr. Froemming’s 7,245 days of public service as an Otter Tail County Commissioner, he has served as the Board’s representative on a range of committees and advisory groups, including the AMC’s Policy Committee, the Red River Valley Farmers and Homemakers, Otter Tail County’s Problem Solving/DWI Courts, the MAHUBE-OTWA Community Action Council, the Law Library, the Viking Library Board, Lakeland Mental Health Center, the Human Services Labor Management Committee, the Criminal Justice Advisory Council, the Prairie Lakes Municipal Solid Waste Authority, the East Otter Tail County Soil and Water Conservation District, the Emergency Services Radio Board, State Community Health Services Advisory Committee, the West Central Regional Juvenile Center Board, the West Central Area Agency on Aging/Land of the Dancing Sky Board, the Community Services Division Committee and the Land Services Division Committee.

Commissioner Froemming was to retire from public service this year. A new commissioner for District 4 will be elected to serve beginning in January 2019. On November 6th, at the county board meeting, to be held in Parkers Prairie, the Otter Tail County Board of Commissioners will recognize the many years of public service, governance, dedication and devotion provided by Roger.

The employees of Otter Tail County express our utmost gratitude and appreciation for Mr. Froemming’s many years of dedicated public service to the residents of Otter Tail County and the State of Minnesota.  Rick West, OTC Public Works Division Director speaks for all us: What I always appreciated about Roger was his respect for and his appreciation of County staff.  While he may not have always agreed with our recommendations or policies, he did understand the “how and why” that County staff put into those recommendations and decisions.  He will be missed.”

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