Eight west-central Minnesota counties including Otter Tail, Becker, Clay, Grant, Pope, Douglas, Wadena, and Stevens are included in the West Central Regional Recycling Coalition (WCRRC). The WCRRC completed a Regional Recycling Evaluation in 2016 to plan for recycling in the region.

The Coalition commissioned this independent evaluation of three alternative material recycling scenarios to serve the processing and marketing needs of the Coalition:

  • Construction of a new, regional Material Recovery Facility (MRF).
  • Collection and hauling to an existing, private MRF in Minnesota or the Dakotas.
  • Conversion of the Fergus Falls Recycling Center to process single-sort recyclables.

The primary objective of the Final Report was to compare the economics of the three scenarios. The Final Report is the result of a two-phased project. In Phase 1, a Preliminary Report (May 2016) was developed comparing construction of a new regional MRF to multiple scenarios considering collection and hauling to an existing private MRF. The Preliminary Report indicated that further pursuit of the regional MRF may be a viable option for the Coalition, but there are potential risks to be addressed and plans could be developed for reducing those risks.
Upon review of the Phase 1 report, the Coalition decided to review the feasibility of modifying three specific existing MRFs (Perham, Pope-Douglas, and Fergus Falls) to provide single-sort processing capacity within the region.  After discussion of a Technical Memorandum at an October 24, 2016 Coalition meeting, the Coalition selected converting the Fergus Falls Recycling Center to single-sort processing for comparison to construction of a new MRF or hauling to an existing MRF.

As of this time, no further developments are in process for the WCRRC Regional Recycling Evaluation.