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Public Pools and Spas

The Partnership4Health Environmental Services Section is responsible for delegated health and safety inspections for public Swimming Pools and Spas within Otter Tail County, Minnesota. In addition, we are the delegated authority for:

  • Issuing licenses for regulated establishments
  • Performing regulatory inspection services as delegated
  • Responding to complaints, nuisances and natural disasters
  • Health and safety complaints or concerns
  • Fire, Floods and Disaster response within these establishments

Health and safety for public swimming pools and spas is a top priority.  Examples of public pools include:  swimming pool, spa, wading pool, therapy pool, splash pad, plunge pool.

The Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) and local regulatory agencies are responsible for enforcing Minnesota Rules, parts 4717.0150 to 4717.3975 (the “Pool Code”). The Pool Code lists many requirements needed to operate a safe public pool.

Resources regarding the operation of a safe public pool from the Minnesota Department of Health:

Recreational Water Illnesses

Recreational water illnesses (RWIs) are illnesses spread by swallowing or having contact with contaminated water from lakes, swimming pools, hot tubs, oceans or rivers.  View the Recreational Water Illnesses Fact Sheet from the Minnesota Department of Health.

Pool Closure Conditions

Certain conditions of a public pool can warrant closure. These include but are not limited to:

  • Evidence of a sewage backup in proximity to or related to operations of the public swimming pool or spa;
  • Lack of potable water related to operations of the public swimming pool or spa;
  • Lifesaving equipment not provided;
  • Acceptable toilet facilities are not present, sanitary, easily accessible or operational to patrons of the public swimming pool or spa;
  • Water clarity not met;
  • Minimum disinfection residual not met;
  • Pool altered without approval;
  • Loose or missing drain covers;
  • Immediate health or safety hazard exists (fencing, gate);
  • Non-compliant water chemistry as defined in MN Rule 4717.1700;
  • Evidence or suspect of an ongoing illness associated with the operation of the public swimming pool or spa;
  • Lack of electricity service to the extent that critical areas are not operational (i.e. recirculation system not operating);
  • Interruptions in the operation of pool / spa due to tornado, fire, flood, disaster or other;
  • Any violation or combination of violations as specified in MN Rules Chapter 4717.3970 or as deemed by the Health Authority to be an immediate or potentially serious health, safety or security concern to patrons of the public swimming pool or spa.

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