Supervision Fees

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Probation Fees

Otter Tail County Probation has established a schedule of local corrections fees that are charged to persons under the supervision and control of the local corrections agency to help defray costs associated with corrections services in Otter Tail County. The attached schedule outlines the current supervision fees charged. In 2017, Otter Tail County Probation assessed supervision fees of $56,626.00, waived fees totaling $5,900.00 and collected $39,643.00.

Adult FeesAmount
Gross Misdemeanor - Formal Probation$200
Misdemeanor - Formal Probation$150
Transfer In - Gross Misdemeanor$200
Transfer In - Misdemeanor$150
Transfer Out - Misdemeanor and Gross Misdemeanor$100
Community Service Work Only$50
Pre- or Post-Trial Conditional Release (electronic monitoring, random testing)$150
Informal / Unsupervised Probation (exception: monitoring fine payment)$50
Misdemeanor Diversion$50
Drivers License Reinstatement Program$100
Juvenile FeesAmount
Juvenile Fees Amount Petty Offenders - Formal or Informal Probation$25
Delinquency Offenders (findings withheld)$25
Adjudicated Delinquent - Misdemeanor$50
Adjudicated Delinquent - Gross Misdemeanor$75
Adjudicated Delinquent - Felony$100
Informal, Unsupervised Probation$25
Transfer Out$50
Urinalysis TestingAmount
Positive Urinalysis Confirmation$15.45

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