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Otter Tail County now offers Smart911 as its countywide weather and local emergency alert system.

Smart911 continues to provide location-based alerting for severe weather and local emergencies (missing child, road closures, evacuation notices, and other health & safety hazards) for all communities.

Community members and visitors can also create a Safety Profile for their household or business – featuring location & occupant/resident information, medical conditions, and vehicle & pet information you would like responders to have in the event of an emergency. With a Safety Profile, calling 9-1-1 now provides greater detail to the dispatcher, allowing them to send help faster and more efficiently.

Important Note:
Due to privacy and security features of Smart911, user data could not be transferred from our previous system (CodeRED) to Smart911. A new account must be created in Smart911 to continue to receive weather and local emergency alerts.

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Identifying Smart911 Emergency Alerts

Knowing when you receive an emergency alert from Smart911 is quick and easy. Look for the following sender information on each device.

The phone number will always be from area code 218. The remaining 7-digits will be a local number, specific to the community sending the alert. Alerts sent by Otter Tail County will show the caller ID as 218-998-8067.

Text messages will be received from one of the following “shortcodes” – depending upon your service provider: 226787, 67283, 77295, 78015, 81437. The introductory message will include the community name and “Alert.” (Ex. Otter Tail Alert)

Emails will be sent from a local email address, specific to the community sending the alert. The sender name will appear as the community name followed by “Alert.” (Ex. Otter Tail Alert)

Download the Smart911 App

Make sure to download the Smart911 Mobile Alert app to receive free emergency alerts directly to your phone no matter your location. In addition, you will have direct access to your Safety Profile to easily recall and update important medical, vehicle, and other personal information.

To download the app, look for the Smart911 logo in the App Store or Google Play.

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