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Earth Day 2020

Even if we are can’t celebrate Earth Day with events – we can celebrate the 50th anniversary of Earth Day in many way, and at any time!

We have collected a list of videos, activities and resources to help you make every day Earth Day!


This short video about food waste was made by our GreenCorps
member Brittney!


This is the story of a strawberry and the long journey it takes from the farm, to your fridge, to the garbage.


Dem-Con is a large recycling facility near Shakopee that processes some of our single-sort recycling. They have a great series of videos that both kids and adults love about how things are recycled, right here in Minnesota! To see all of the videos, including ones for cardboard, plastic, glass, and more, scroll to the bottom of the Green Grades page to reach the “Green Screen” where you pull each recyclable onto a platform to start a video. This is the video about recycling metal:


Give Waste A New Life – Recycle! Find out how many new things your recycling makes—just from Otter Tail County!


People put some weird stuff in the recycling… see what in this fun video. And then take the time to learn about what SHOULD go in the recycling.



This great video shows how the Perham Resource Recovery Facility works. Waste-to-Energy is an
important part of managing waste responsibly!

How to make a worm bin to compost your food scraps at home:


Check out this 1 mn video of the Precious Plastic Mix Workspace – small machines that can recycle plastic into a variety of fun products. Thanks to a Changemaker Grant from West Central Initiative, a Precious Plastic Mix Workspace is coming to the Otter Tail County Recycling Center late summer of 2020! Precious Plastic is an organization based out of the Netherlands that wants to solve the plastic crisis by making recycling affordable and local for all people around the world. The machines will be used for demonstration and to recycle small batches of plastic that aren’t recyclable normally.


There are lots of things you could do to celebrate Earth Day, every day, including some fun ideas below!

Pick up litter on your block, or in a nearby nature area

Color this awesome Stayhome coloring sheet from the Recycling Partnership!

Start a compost pile! Get your kids involved by downloading the kids recycling guide or Kids Composting Guide

11 Actions for the planet during a pandemic

50 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

50 Ways to Help the Planet

Make a craft with reused or recycled materials:

Make Recycled Paper Beads

Paint with toilet paper tubes

Make Recycling Bin Stamps

Make a toilet paper tube sculpture—engineering and art in one project!

Recycling Signs and Posters

While recycling and waste reduction are important at home, we spend a lot of time at school and at work. Whether it’s recycling paper or reusing school supplies to their fullest potential, there are lots of opportunities to reduce waste outside of our homes.

Schools, businesses and individuals are encouraged to use the materials provided to reduce waste no matter where you are!

Recycling Signs

Make sure students and employees know what to recycle with clear signage! To ensure that recycling is easy and includes consistent messaging throughout the county, we provide printable signage that matches up with with the Otter Tail County Recycling Guide, and includes pictures of acceptable items to eliminate confusion about what goes in the bin. Need signage of a different size or for a specific item? Let us know and we can help you get the signage you need to have a successful recycling program.

Printable Recycling Signage

Recycling Posters

Encourage recycling by educating staff and students about the benefits of recycling with school recycling posters. Posters can be printed, or your school can request free copies. Need signage of a different size or for a specific item? Let us know and we can help you get the signage you need to have a successful recycling program.

School Recycling Posters – Staff Areas

School Recycling Posters – Student Areas

Recycling Infographic Posters

Don’t Trash Your Locker!

Buying shiny new school supplies is fun as students anticipate the beginning of a new school year. But what happens to those supplies at the end of the year?  In the haste and excitement of desk and locker cleanouts at the end of the year, many things that could be recycled or reused are simply trashed – leading to large amounts of waste that could be avoided. Reduce waste at the end of the school year and help out local organizations by participating in the Don’t Trash Your Locker! program.

Don’t Trash Your Locker! Flyer

Don’t Trash Your Locker! Signs

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