Sales and Rental (PWC)

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Point of Rent / Sale Instruction
Personal watercraft (PWC) dealers are required to distribute a summary of the laws governing PWC operation. Upon request by a purchaser, they must also provide instruction regarding the laws and safe operation of the craft.

People who provide PWCs for rent must also provide a summary of the personal watercraft laws and instruction for the safe operation of the craft.

Signature Record
PWC dealers and rental operations are required to keep a signature record of people who buy or rent PWCs, acknowledging they have been provided a copy of the PWC laws and rules.

Permit Requirements
People under the age of 18 who rent PWCs must show their watercraft operator’s permit before renting a PWC and the rental agency must record this information on the signature record.

Safety Info
Rental operators must also supply a U.S. Coast Guard approved life vest to everyone who rents a PWC.

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Posted By: Sheriff’s Office,

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