Probation Misdemeanor Diversion Program

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Otter Tail County Probation operates a Misdemeanor Diversion Program for adult offenders. The Misdemeanor Diversion Program is directed at first time non-violent Misdemeanant offenders. Upon Court referral, the Probation Officer conducts a background check of the Defendant and, provided there are no prior criminal convictions or pending offenses, the offender will sign a Misdemeanor Diversion Contract. The Misdemeanor Diversion Contract will run for a 90-day period and will contain general and specific terms. The offender is expected to pay $100.00 Court costs, plus Law Library Fee, as well as comply with all of the conditions of the Diversion Contract during the 90-day period. If the offender completes the contract, the Court will dismiss the Misdemeanor offense for which he was referred to the Diversion Program and no formal conviction will be entered into the Court record.

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Posted By: Probation,

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