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Every day unforeseen circumstances threaten Otter Tail County. Loss of property or jobs to loss of life can be seen from natural, technological, and human-caused hazards. But there are actions that can be taken to reduce or eliminate the long-term risks to life and property from hazards.

Countywide Hazard Mitigation Plan

Otter Tail County recognizes the importance of eliminating the potential for catastrophic losses and impacts to life and property.
To examine the hazards and threats that pose a risk, and to identify actions that can be taken to prevent them or reduce their impact, the county has developed a countywide All-Hazard Mitigation Plan.

Hazards and threats currently detailed in the plan include:

Winter StormsEpidemic/PandemicFire/Wildfire
Tornado/Straight Line WindsFlood/Flash FloodInfectious Disease
Agricultural DiseaseExtreme TemperaturesSpring & Summer Storms
DroughtSubsidence/ErosionSpace Weather
EarthquakeMajor Power OutageHazardous Materials
Water Supply ContaminationDam/Levee FailureActive Threat
TerrorismCivil Disorder/ProtestCyber Attack

Currently under revision, the Plan also documents the progress Otter Tail County and local communities have made in mitigating – eliminating or reducing the impact of – each threat and hazard. It also identifies further action steps that can be taken to continue to reduction of hazards and their impacts.

PreventionActions or processes that influence the way land and buildings are developed and built.
Property ProtectionActions that involve the modification of existing buildings or structures to protect them from a hazard or removal from the hazard area.
Public Education and AwarenessActions to inform and educate citizens, elected officials, and property owners about the hazards and potential ways to mitigate them.
Natural Resource ProtectionActions that, in addition to minimizing hazard losses, preserve or restore the functions of natural systems.
Emergency ServicesActions that protect people and property during and immediately after a disaster or hazard event.
Structural ProjectsActions that involve the construction of structures to reduce the impact of a hazard.

You Can Help

Community leaders have completed a hazard vulnerability assessment for their community. Now it’s your turn!….Be a part of local efforts to create a vision for the elimination of hazards in our communities.

By participating in the survey below, you will share in the identification of hazards and threats in each community, and the prioritization of initiatives and projects that will ensure our level of vulnerability to hazards and threats is greatly reduced over time.

Hazard Mitigation Planning Survey

Thank you for your input!

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