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In some instances, property owners may obtain a permit from the MN Pollution Control Agency to bury old buildings or buildings that have been destroyed by natural causes. Permit applications can be completed with the assistance of the Otter Tail County Solid Waste Director; when completed and approved by the Director, the application will be forwarded to the MN Pollution Control Agency for final approval.

Permit-by-Rule Site Requirements

  • Have a low potential for adverse effects on human health and the environment.
  • Involve less than 15,000 cubic yards of demolition material.
  • Operate less than a total of 12 consecutive months.
  • Are not located adjacent to another demolition debris permit-by-rule facility.

Other Requirements

  • If the structure(s) to be demolished is located within lakeshore, the Otter Tail County Land and Resource Office must also give approval.
  • A building that has been burned accidentally or intentionally is considered municipal solid waste and needs to be disposed of at an approved landfill.
  • Debris from a fire department trained burn can be buried at a Permit-by-Rule site or a demolition landfill.
  • The contractor must estimate the amount of material, in yards, buried. A form will be completed and sent to the State Auditor’s Office, who in turn will send the approved applicant an invoice of state solid waste tax owed to the State of Minnesota.
  • Permit-by-rule is a one-time use permit per parcel. You will not be able to get another permit for the same parcel.

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Posted By: Waste Disposal,

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