How is the Otter Tail County Parcel Number (PIN) Formatted?



Township Code – Otter Tail County has 84 Taxing Authorities (originally numbered alphabetically); Numbers 63 and greater are cities.


Special Number used for Railroad, Lease, Personal Property, Personal Property Mobile Homes or Ward Designation in the City of Fergus Falls.


Section Number 01 through 36; 50 or 99 if platted.


Original Parcel Number


Split Number (indicates that it could be the first split off of Parcel 10 or from a derivative of Parcel 10).

Sample Parcel Numbers:

01000020010003Parcel 10-003 of Aastad Township, Section 2
52000994002000Railroad Property Assessment (note 4000 series parcel number)
45100995002000Real Estate Lease (note 5000 series parcel number) for Oscar Township
4520099600100Personal Property Number (note 6000 series parcel number) for Oscar Township
NOTE: This type of assessment usually (but not always) sits on a property lease (see real estate lease above)
26300500055000Personal Property Mobile Home
Note 300 designation in the Special Number format
This type of assessment is different that the other types
in that it is taxed the same year that it is assessed.
7100199123700Parcel 1237 in the City of Fergus Falls, Ward 1, platted
7100399028200Parcel 282 in the City of Fergus Falls, Ward 3, platted
71002500154000 Parcel 154 in the City of Fergus Falls, Ward 2





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