Probation Organizational Plan

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The Organizational Plan of Otter Tail County Probation, as it relates to the Human Services Plan, is the attached document.

The Otter Tail County District Court Judges appoint Probation Officers and set their salaries, as described in MSA 244.19. Otter Tail County District Court Judges also evaluate the over-all Probation Agency performance and determine changes in correctional programming.

The Otter Tail County Board of Commissioners, are responsible for managing the public resources devoted to Otter Tail County Probation, delivered or purchased by the County. The Board employs staff to carry out probation services and develops plans for the delivery of these services. The Board further receives funds from the Department of Corrections and/or other governmental sources to fund the Probation Programs established by the Otter Tail County District Court Judges and Otter Tail County Probation.

The Otter Tail County Probation Advisory Committee is made up of one citizen member from each of the five County Commissioner’s districts and the Otter Tail County Attorney. The Advisory Committee reviews the Otter Tail County Probation activities for the development, implementation and operation of programs and services.

The Otter Tail County Probation Director is responsible for the administration of Otter Tail County Probation, preparation of the Probation annual budget, development of probation planning and direct supervision of Otter Tail County Probation Agents, Community Service Specialist, Assistant Probation Officer, DWI Court Surveillance Officer, and Support Staff.

The Otter Tail County Probation Agents are responsible for implementation of probation programs that maintain the overall goals of public safety, fair and effective treatment of the offender, and offender accountability to victims.

The Otter Tail County DWI Court Probation Officer is responsible for providing probation supervision services specific to the DWI Court Program. The Probation Officer will monitor program rules, coordinate services and participate as a member of the DWI Court Team.

The Otter Tail County Surveillance Officer is responsible for meeting with DWI Court Program participants in their home and other community sites. They will perform curfew checks, administer alcohol and other drug testing as well as verifying participant compliance with DWI Court rules.

The Otter Tail County Community Service Specialist is responsible for assigning both adult and juvenile offenders to work sites throughout Otter Tail County, monitoring their progress. In addition, the Community Service Specialist works to establish new community service work sites as well as maintaining current ones.

The Otter Tail County Assistant Probation Officer is primarily responsible for completing Pre-Trial Bail Evaluations of defendants charged with committing a misdemeanor/gross misdemeanor “crime of violence”. The Assistant Probation Officer’s other duties include the Driver’s License Reinstatement Program, chemical use testing, and other duties as assigned.

The Otter Tail County Probation Support Staff are responsible for ongoing office operations as well as record keeping, data entry, and the preparation of reports and daily correspondence.

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