Mobile Homes

Mobile Homes

Manufactured homes are no longer registered or taxed as a motor vehicle and are not issued license plates. Manufactured homes are taxed as personal or real property and have titles. Minnesota Statutes section 168A.05,subdivision 1a, requires a statement from the auditor/treasurer office stating all personal property taxes have been paid before the registrar of Motor Vehicles can issue a certificate of title or before a home can be removed from it’s current location.

Clearance Sheet Requirements

Clearance sheets or statements are processed by the Assessor’s office. To receive a clearance sheet, the taxes must be paid, and the following information must be provided.

  • A copy of the title with a signature of the buyer and/or seller OR a Bill of Sale with a signature of the buyer and/or seller
  • Current mobile home parcel and current real estate parcel (This can be found on your tax statements or you may contact the assessors office for this information).
  • The make, year and size of the mobile home
  • The future owners name and mailing address
  • The future location if being moved

If the new owner plans to make this their primary residence, please fill out a homestead application and return the application to the assessor’s office.

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