Adult Mental Health Case Management

Maintaining High Independence
Three agency social workers provide a range of case management services to individuals experiencing problems related to serious and persistent mental health issues. Services are provided to help people maintain the highest level of independence in community living. Services available are

  • Case Management
  • Civil Commitment Proceedings
  • Discharge and Placement Planning
  • Information and Referral
  • Pre Petition Screening

Case Managers & Referrals
Case managers work closely with the Becker / Clay / Otter Tail / Wilkin Adult Mental Health Initiative comprised of state staff, local service providers and consumers of mental health services. Case management functions include referrals to

  • Board and Lodge Facilities
  • Community Mental Health Centers
  • Community Outreach Programs
  • Housing Support Options
  • Local Social Clubs / Drop-In Programs
  • Residential Treatment Facilities
  • Vocational Services