Medical Waste & Sharps

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Syringes & Sharps

The safest disposal options are collection programs through your local clinic or hospital, or home needle destruction devices.

If those options are not available to you:

  • Place the used sharp / syringe in a puncture resistant container such as a 2-liter pop bottle or liquid laundry detergent bottle. Make sure the cap is tightly secured; label the container, “Home Sharps” and place it in the garbage.
  • Purchase a red home sharps disposal container at a local pharmacy. When the container is full, it can be placed in the garbage for disposal.

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Oxygen & IV Tubing

  • Oxygen tubing should be wrapped and disposed of in the garbage. It should never be placed with recyclable materials.
  • IV tubing used in home health care should be wrapped and disposed of in the garbage.

Bandages, Disposable Sheets, Used Gloves

Soiled bandages, sheets / bedding and medical gloves used in home health care should be placed in a plastic garbage bag, tied closed and put in the garbage for disposal at a solid waste transfer station or with your solid waste hauler.

Prescription Medication & Bottles

Unused prescription medication and over-the-counter medications can be disposed of at a county Take it to the Box location. Check the Waste Wizard for disposal information and locations!

  • Prescription bottles that have recycling symbol and number can be recycled while all unmarked bottles should be thrown in the garbage.
  • Medications that have been used to treat cancer, such as chemotherapy drugs, should not be placed in your garbage or sewer. Properly dispose of these types of drugs in Take it to the Box containers at law enforcement centers throughout the county.

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