Manufactured Home Parks & Recreational Camping Areas

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Manufactured Home Park / RCA Core Program

 The Partnership4Health Environmental Services Section is responsible for delegated health and safety inspections for Manufactured Home Parks, Recreational Camping Areas (RCA) and Special Event Camping Areas (SECA) within Otter Tail County, Minnesota. In addition, we are the delegated authority for:

  • Issuing licenses for regulated establishments
  • Performing regulatory inspection services as delegated
  • Responding to complaints, nuisances and natural disasters
  • Health and safety complaints or concerns
  • Fire, Floods and Disaster response within these establishments

Definitions and Licensing

Manufactured Home – a structure, transportable in one or more sections, which in the traveling mode, is eight body feet or more in width or 40 body feet or more in length, or, when erected on site, is 320 or more square feet, and which is built on a permanent chassis and designed to be used as a dwelling with or without a permanent foundation when connected to the required utilities, and includes the plumbing, heating, air conditioning and electrical systems contained therein.

Manufactured Home Park (MHP) – any site, lot, field or tract of land upon which two or more occupied manufactured homes are located, either free of charge or for compensation, and includes any building, structure, tent, vehicle or enclosure used or intended for use as part of the equipment of the manufactured home park. Manufactured home park does not include manufactured homes, buildings, tents or other structures temporarily maintained by any individual or company on the premises associated with a work project and used exclusively to house labor or other personnel occupied with the work project.

Recreational Camping Area (RCA) – any area, whether privately or publicly owned, used on a daily, nightly, weekly or longer basis for the accommodation of five or more tents or recreational camping vehicles free of charge or for compensation.  “Recreational camping area” excludes:

  1. children’s camps;
  2. industrial camps;
  3. migrant labor camps, as defined in Minnesota Statutes and state commissioner of health rules;
  4. United States Forest Service camps;
  5. state forest service camps;
  6. state wildlife management areas or state-owned public access areas which are restricted in use to picnicking and boat landing; and
  7. temporary holding areas for self-contained recreational camping vehicles created by and adjacent to motor sports facilities, if the chief law enforcement officer of an affected jurisdiction determines that it is in the interest of public safety to provide a temporary holding area

To Apply or Renew your License please fill out the Manufactured Home Park and Recreational Camping Areas Application.

Special Event Camping Application (SECA)
 – a recreational camping area which operates no more than two times annually and for no more than 14 consecutive days.

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