Land Records

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Land Records

Otter Tail County does NOT provide legal advice or abstracting services, nor do we certify to any search results. Any information provided to the public is for courtesy/reference purposes only and does not carry any warranties or fitness for any particular use.
Otter Tail County Recorder’s office does not supply legal forms or help the submitter fill out documents. We will review a document to make sure it contains the required elements to be recordable per Minnesota Statute 507.093. We suggest that customers contact a legal advisor for assistance on what type of form to use, how to complete the forms or for any other legal advice. If needed, forms can be located at Minnesota Commerce Department.
The Otter Tail County Recorder’s office receives Real Property documents for filing and maintains an index to the reproductions of historical documents. Access to these records can be obtained thru Tapestry ( for the occasional user)  or by Laredo subscription ( for frequent user) . The public also has access to Otter Tail County land records by using the public computers located at the Otter Tail County Recorder’s office.

Certificate of Real Estate Value

Certificates of Real Estate Value (CRV) are required by the State of Minnesota when recording a document that transfers property with a purchase price of over $1,000. The Otter Tail County Auditor collects the CRVs as part of the preliminary recording process. The Minnesota Department of Revenue will require you to create eCRVs and submit them electronically as of October 1, 2014. For documents which are exempt from deed tax see Minnesota Statute 287.22 . The Deed Tax Exemption (DT1) form is available from the Minnesota Department of Revenue Website.

Land Record Search

This is a working index and may contain errors and omissions due to errors in the preparation of the original document or in the indexing. It is recommended to search several different ways for each property, such as by legal description, by party name and other pertinent information.


Tapestry is a” pay as you go” web-based software. It allows for the searching of land document and allows you to pay per search. Tapestry will allow instant records retrieval, payment and printing. FIDLAR Technologies provides the customer support for this web-based software.  Contact Fidlar at 563-345-1283 or email [email protected].


Laredo is a subscription-based product and Laredo users are required to sign a contract and set up an escrow account prior to access. Five different packages are available to purchase. Laredo requires a log in and password for each user. FIDLAR Technologies provides the customer support for this web-based software.  All external Laredo subscribers have the ability to utilize Laredo Anywhere on their preferred mobile device.


  1.  Single Field Search Entry
  2. Check Saved Searches
  3. Compatible with Mobile Devices
  4. Print Options
  5. Fits to Any Screen Size

Contact Fidlar at 563-345-1283 or email [email protected]

2020 Laredo Customer Contract

GIS Integration with Laredo/Tapestry

The county of Otter Tail has elected to implement the feature of linking their GIS website with Laredo and Tapestry. It is as easy as performing a search in Laredo or Tapestry, and then clicking on the indexed parcel number in order to locate that parcel on their county GIS website.  See attached file for additional GIS Integration with Laredo and Tapestry Instructions information

Property Fraud Alert

Property Fraud is when someone illegally uses your property for financial gain. It occurs when someone files a fraudulent document in the Recorder Office against your property, making it look like they own your home or property.
According to the FBI, this is one of the fastest growing white-collar crimes in the United States The residents of Otter Tail County may now take advantage of a new, free service being offered by the Otter Tail County Recorder’s office to help protect people against property fraud. This is an automated database that monitors activity involving land records filed in Otter Tail County. The property Fraud Alert notifies individuals when transactions involving their property are recorded. Participants can choose whether to receive their alerts via e-mail or by phone.

We are very excited to offer the citizens of Otter Tail County this service free of charge. This alert system will provide an early warning for subscribers to become aware of what may have otherwise gone undetected. Subscribers will be able to take prompt, appropriate action if they determine the activity to be fraudulent.

Property Fraud Alert


Swift gives the Recorder’s Office the ability to return paper submitted documents electronically via email to the appropriate recipient. Instead of waiting to pick up the document or receive it back via mail, our customers can find out their document was recorded and receive the document back electronically, shortly after it is recorded. This also saves the recipient the time spent scanning the document into their system as they already have the digital PDF of the document. An extra benefit to submitters is the ability to find out a document was rejected nearly instantly. This saves valuable time in preparing and submitting the corrected document.

Safe At Home

Safe at Home is a statewide address confidentiality program administered by the Office of the Minnesota Secretary of State. It is designed to help survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking, or others who fear for their safety maintain a confidential address. It was established by Minnesota state law. (Minnesota Statutes, chapter 5B, Data Protection For Victims of Violence, Minnesota Statutes, section 103.045 ,Minnesota Rules, chapter 8290 )
The participant should provide the well disclosure certificate, with an attached copy of the Notice to Government Entity provided by the Secretary of State’s office, to the title company or agency handling the closing, with a consent to share the information with MDH.
At the present time, electronic filing of the well disclosure certificate (e-Well Disclosure Certificate) is not set up to accommodate confidential information. The “paper” version of the well disclosure certificate must be used for property owners identified in the Safe at Home Program. The Well Disclosure Certificate along with the appropriate Safe at Home forms must be provided to the county recorder’s office at the time the deed is recorded.

Sewage Treatment Property Transfer Form

Well Disclosure Certificate


e-Well Disclosure Certificate Filer Instructions

e-Well Disclosure Certificate Process for Filer

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