Holiday Food Waste Guide

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The holiday season is a time to be thankful for what we have- so don’t waste it!

Each year in the United States, we waste 204 million pounds of edible turkey meat. That’s 35% of all edible turkey purchased! Between Thanksgiving and New Year’s, we generate triple the amount of food waste than in any other time of the year.

All of this food is wasted money and wasted resources. We are feeding our landfills instead of people, AND the environmental impact is HUGE! The emissions from our wasted turkey alone is equal to 800,000 car trips from New York to San Fransisco!

Holiday food waste is a problem, and the solution is easy- JUST EAT IT!

Be prepared-

If you are hosting a holiday dinner, use  the guest-imatortool at to estimate how much food to prepare. If you are a guest, bring  some Tupperware to bring leftovers home in!

Speaking of leftovers-

  • Waste not, want not– make a turkey carcass soup! If you are all cooked–out, store the carcass in the freezer for later.
  • Extra mashed-potatoes? Make some potato pancakes or dumplings for your turkey soup!
  • Whatever you do with leftovers, make sure you are storing your food properly. Often, your freezer is your friend! Download or visit the FoodKeeper app for proper food storage info.

Fight food waste year-round!

Join the fight against food waste by signing up for our food waste challenge coming up in February 2020! This challenge will help you figure out  how much food (and money) you are throwing out. You’ll learn easy ways to save time and money, and keep valuable resources from going to waste!

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Posted By: Solid Waste, Recycling,

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