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The county Auditor’s Office processes applications for resort signs in Otter Tail County. To apply for a sign, please contact the Auditor’s Office.

The basic intent of the Otter Tail County Policy on Resort Signs on Local Roads is to provide a means whereby the resort operators and related resort businesses can give adequate directions for reaching their facilities and give the motorist guidance or reassurance that she or he is on the right road.

The following regulations will be used under normal signing procedures:

  1. Signs will be installed near road junctions or on the right side of the road, after you turn the corner.
  2. “Resorts” will be the heading on all sign installations and the word Resort may be repeated on the individual slat if so requested.
  3. When a campground or other related resort facility is available, it can be noted on a separate slat following the name of the resort.
  4. If a conflict arises, the County will determine the maximum number of slats permitted for each resort and the final location of all signs.
  5. These signs should be used to direct patrons to the area of the resort facility.
  6. The County will review the application and will accept or reject the application for each sign.
  7. Payment for each sign shall accompany the application. Applications without payment shall not be considered.
  8. All sign applications shall be made on the County form provided for this purpose. Incomplete applications will not be considered.
  9. Each Applicant shall mark the location of their resort and the location of each desired sign on the County map. Printed copies of the location maps must be included with completed application. If you cannot print the map you can indicate the locations in person at the Auditor’s Office or request a paper map be sent to you.
  10. Refunds will only be made when an application is rejected by the County.
  11. Replacement of any existing sign will follow the same procedure required for obtaining a new sign.


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