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When you recycle, you help make new products! The Otter Tail County Recycling Center sells all recyclable materials to domestic markets, primarily in the Midwest region. This means that we know where all of your recycling goes and what it gets made into! So go ahead, recycle that plastic bottle and help make a park bench!



Plastic containers #1-7 are accepted in Otter Tail County. Yes, this includes yogurt and cottage cheese containers, and those clear plastic egg cartons and berry containers too! Look at the Otter Tail County Recycling Guide for a picture with examples. Plastic from Otter Tail County stays in Minnesota and Iowa and is made into recycled plastic lumber and pipe for industrial applications.


Glass from Otter Tail County is sent to the Twin Cities where it can be made into a variety of products depending on the grade of glass. Labels and lids are removed during sorting using magnets and screening processes. Glass containers can be recycled into new glass containers forever – glass never wears out! Glass can also be recycled into fiberglass insulation, road aggregate, and decorative products.


Metal is the most valuable recycled material. Metal can be recycled endlessly – it never wears out. Metal items should never go into the garbage! All metal drink cans, food cans, and empty aerosol cans should go into your recycling bin. All other metal such as hangers, pots and pans, old utensils, old tools, car parts, etc. should go into a scrap metal bin or brought to a salvage business.


Depending on the kind of paper being recycled, paper gets made into lots of new products! Newsprint from Otter Tail County gets made into insulation for homes – who knew that recycling could help people stay warm during those cold MN winters!?! Office paper and paperboard can get made into a variety of other products with post-consumer recycled content.


Cardboard is made of long, strong fibers and can be recycled many times! Cardboard from Otter Tail County stays in Minnesota and is made into new cardboard products, such as pizza boxes! Paper and cardboard are recycled in a hydropulper – basically a giant blender filled with paper pulp and water that whips up a paper smoothie! The pulp is further processed and rolled on hot rollers to make new products.

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