The Brain & Mental Health

Mental Health Training
Under this section is a list of approved options for Children’s Mental Health Training for Foster Parents. Foster parents must have at least 2 hours of training in approved Children’s Mental Health Training before getting licensed for child foster care. After getting licensed, each foster parent must have at least 1 hour of approved Children’s Mental Health Training each year.

Trauma Induced Intervention Training
View the video of the presentation given by Deena McMahon, MSW, LICSW. She gave a brief overview of early brain development, trauma and toxic stress, and their effects on development and how to intervene. This is wonderful professional development training for child protection teams, guardian ad litem, foster parents, Children’s Justice Initiative Teams, judges, family practice attorneys and anyone who touches a child’s life during the fragile time when children experience out-of-home placement or are part of a custody dispute.

Brain Development & Child Neglect
Prevent Child Abuse Minnesota’s Executive Director, Karina Forrest-Perkins, recently presented a national 3 part webinar on brain development, substance abuse, and child maltreatment on behalf of the Centers for Disease Control. Drawing on this material and her extensive background, Karina presented a free webinar presentation followed by a question and answer period. View a recorded version of this webinar.

Webinar Material