Statutes, Laws & Rules

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Statutes, Laws & Rules

Latest Minnesota Updates

Find the latest updates to the Minnesota statutes, laws, and rules by viewing the following:

Child Foster Care Updates

For Child Foster Care, these are the statutes and rules to search for.

  • Minnesota Statutes, Chapter 245A
  • Minnesota Statutes, Chapter 245C
  • Minnesota Rules, parts 2960.3000 to 2960.3340
  • Minnesota Rule 9543

License Information

  • Subd. 8 and 9
    • It is the responsibility of the license holder to know the requirements of their license. Per Minnesota Statute 245A.02.
  • Subd. 8.License
    • “License” means a certificate issued by the commissioner authorizing the license holder to provide a specified program for a specified period of time and in accordance with the terms of the license and the rules of the commissioner.
  • Subd. 9.License Holder
    • “License holder” means an individual, corporation, partnership, voluntary association, or other organization that is legally responsible for the operation of the program, has been granted a license by the commissioner under this chapter or chapter 245B and the rules of the commissioner, and is a controlling individual.

Please review the child foster care statutes and rules. If there are any questions, please contact your child foster care licensor social worker.

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