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Otter Tail County Public Health nurse home visitors provide education, and tools to support families that are pregnant and have children that help promote an enjoyable parent-child relationship, and encourage the healthy social-emotional and physical development of the child. To learn more about any of the programs that we offer call Otter Tail County Public Health.

Healthy Families America

A home visitor works with a family who wants to have healthy, happy children that grow into successful adults. HFA uses a curriculum that supports the development of a nurturing and emphatic parent-child relationship.

  • HFA improves birth outcomes, including low birth weight
  • HFA helps parent develop more positive beliefs about their role as parents
  • HFA increases parents’ understanding of children’s developmental milestones and needs
  • HFA shows impacts on academic success

Nurse Family Partnership

Is a voluntary, free maternal and childhood health program, NFP gives first-time moms valuable support. A nurse supports mom in creating a strong foundation for her child and herself from pregnancy through early childhood.

Postpartum Home Visits (Caring Connections)

Visit with a nurse after the birth of your baby, either in the home for first time parents, or over the phone. Nurses can answer questions and introduce families to numerous community resources.  Contact Public Health for more information.

Follow Along Program

Otter Tail County Public Health works with parents to help determine if your child is developing on track.  Babies and young children grow and learn at their own rate. However, some children may need help to grow up healthy and learn skills such as sitting, walking, or talking. Minnesota’s Follow Along Program can help you track your child’s development and let you know if your child is playing, talking, growing, moving, and behaving like other children the same age.  For more information visit the Minnesota Department of Health website.

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