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Can I get my prescription medications from the VA?

By law, you must be enrolled in the VA Healthcare system and followed by a VA healthcare provider in order to get medications from a VA pharmacy.

How can I get into the VA Healthcare system?

You must submit a completed VA Form 10-10EZ and copy of your honorable discharge papers (DD-214 or equivalent) to the appropriate VA Medical Center Eligibility office. See your CVSO (County Veteran’s Service Officer) for assistance in properly completing the application form.

What are VA co-payments?

These are nominal amounts charged to you or billed to your private medical insurance carrier by VA for out-patient/in-patient care, and for prescription drugs you receive.

How can I get the government to pay me for my disabilities?

VA Compensation benefits may be paid to eligible veterans who have disabling physical and/or mental conditions which were incurred or aggravated during military service. Compensation payments are not affected by other income. Application forms for service-connected compensation are available through the Veterans Service Office. Your CVSO will assist in completing the necessary forms.

How can I get a VA pension?

Pension benefits may be paid to veterans who have a non-service connected (post service) disability which has been or can be diagnosed as permanent and total in nature, preventing gainful employment, and have income and assets below a given financial level. You should contact your CVSO for an interview to determine eligibility, and for assistance in applying for this benefit.

Are there any benefits for widows of veterans?

Yes, there are a number of VA benefits for widows. The most frequently applied for is known as the death pension, or widow’s pension. This benefit is paid to low or marginal income widows (disability is not a factor), and is dependent upon the amount of other income, net worth, and out-of-pocket medical expenses. Widows who feel they may qualify for this financial assistance should definitely work through the Veterans Service Office to apply.

What other widow’s benefits are available?

Dependency and Indemnity Compensation (DIC), nursing home care, State of Minnesota Veterans Nursing Home eligibility, home loan guarantee, and educational benefits. See your local CVSO for additional details and assistance.

I was discharged with “bad paper”. Can I do anything about this?

With some degree of difficulty and a lot of effort on your part, a discharge received under other than honorable conditions can sometimes be upgraded. The CVSO will advise and assist you with this matter.

My Purple Heart and other medals I am entitled to do not show up on my separation papers (DD-214 or equivalent). Can this be corrected?

Missing or erroneous entries on discharge papers can sometimes be corrected. Again, you should definitely seek the help of a veterans advocate, such as your CVSO, when filing an application for correction of military records.

How can I get medals I am entitled to and never received, or that have been lost?

If you are trying to obtain medals that were never received or that have been lost, please complete a Standard Form 180 (SF-180) to the National Personnel Records Center (NPRC) in St. Louis, MO. This is best done through the Veterans Service Office.

How can I get a copy of my lost discharge papers?

There are a number of sources from which you may be able to get certified discharge papers or photocopies of your discharge. The Veterans Service Office will assist you.

Where can I get my retired military or dependent’s ID card renewed or replaced?

Military ID card service is provided at:
Military Service Center
2219 12th St. No.
Fargo, ND.

Phone: 701-451-6018.

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