Demolition Debris

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Demolition debris can result from the alteration, repair or destruction of buildings and other structures. Demolition debris must be properly disposed of in a designated demolition landfill.

Approved sites for demolition materials in Otter Tail County

3 yards and under:

Approved Demolition Waste

  • Aggregate (concrete, brick, bituminous concrete)
  • Untreated wood
  • Shingles (no asbestos)
  • Masonry
  • Windows
  • Plastic building materials
  • Insulation
  • Sheetrock

Prohibited Items

  • NO asbestos
  • NO treated lumber
  • NO paint
  • NO hazardous waste (glue, tar, solvents, caulk)
  • NO fluorescent light bulbs
  • NO scrap metal
  • NO garbage
  • NO carpeting
  • NO furniture or appliances


Why should I sort my loads? A clean load is easier to unload at the transfer station, saves customers money, and can potentially conserve resources and reduce landfill space by allowing materials to be recycled. Shingles can be recycled into road paving materials, clean concrete can be recycled into road bases or new concrete.

What does “clean” mean for clean shingles and concrete?  A clean load of shingles would include shingles, nails and tar paper but would not include wood, plastic, metal vents or flashing, or paper shingle bags. Clean concrete would include rebar and concrete only.

Do I save money if I sort my loads? YES, you can save over two thirds of the cost of unsorted or “dirty” loads. If you take one cubic yard of clean concrete to the demolition landfill you would pay $6.00 but if your load is not sorted you would pay $18. These savings can add up to increase your profits.

Does the demolition landfill accept treated lumber? Yes, but it must be separated from other lumber products and placed in the bypass bin at the transfer station/demolition landfill. Please sort your loads.

What do I do with carpeting? Take carpeting and padding to a transfer station/demolition landfill.  Do not throw it in the garbage. It is not accepted in demolition landfills but can be placed in bypass bins at the transfer station/demolition landfill.

I have a lot of cardboard–what can I do with it? Call the Solid Waste Department and a scheduled pickup of your cardboard can be arranged with the cardboard packing truck driver free of charge. The cardboard must be flattened.

Permit by Rule

In some instances, property owners may obtain a permit from the MN Pollution Control Agency to bury old buildings or buildings destroyed by natural causes. Get more information about Permit by Rule.


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