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TownshipAssigned AppraiserDirect Phone
Aastad TwpTyler Synstelien218-998-8017
Amor TwpHeather Jacobson218-998-8022
Aurdal TwpTyler Synstelien218-998-8017
Blowers TwpPam Moe218-385-5403
Bluffton TwpPam Moe218-385-5403
Buse TwpTyler Synstelien218-998-8017
Butler TwpPam Moe218-385-5403
Candor TwpJoel Dulski218-998-8016
Carlisle TwpTyler Synstelien218-998-8017
Clitherall TwpLarry Cote218-998-8025
Compton TwpPam Moe218-385-5403
Corliss TwpPam Moe218-385-5403
Dane Prairie TwpTyler Synstelien218-998-8017
Dead Lake TwpFranci Gleason218-385-5402
Deer Creek TwpPam Moe218-385-5403
Dora TwpJoel Dulski218-998-8016
Dunn TwpTom Rundle218-998-8024
Eagle Lake TwpLarry Cote218-998-8025
Eastern TwpDawn Swisher218-998-8019
Edna TwpFranci Gleason218-385-5402
Effington TwpDawn Swisher218-998-8019
Elizabeth TwpJoel Dulski218-998-8016
Elmo TwpDawn Swisher218-998-8019
Erhards Grove TwpJoel Dulski218-998-8016
Everts TwpHeather Jacobson218-998-8022
Fergus Falls TwpTyler Synstelien218-998-8017
Folden TwpLarry Cote218-998-8025
Friberg TwpJoel Dulski218-998-8016
Girard TwpHeather Jacobson218-998-8022
Gorman TwpPam Moe218-385-5403
Henning TwpDawn Swisher218-998-8019
Hobart TwpJoel Dulski218-998-8016
Homestead TwpPam Moe218-385-5403
Inman TwpDawn Swisher218-998-8019
Leaf Lake TwpDawn Swisher218-998-8019
Leaf Mountain TwpDawn Swisher218-998-8019
Lida TwpJoel Dulski218-998-8016
Maine TwpLarry Cote218-998-8025
Maplewood TwpJoel Dulski218-998-8016
Newton TwpPam Moe218-385-5403
Nidaros TwpLarry Cote218-998-8025
Norwegian Grove TwpJoel Dulski218-998-8016
Oak Valley TwpDawn Swisher218-998-8019
Orwell TwpTyler Synstelien218-998-8017
Oscar TwpTyler Synstelien218-998-8017
Otter Tail TwpKevin Scheidecker218-998-8026
Otto TwpPam Moe218-385-5403
Paddock TwpPam Moe218-385-5403
Parkers Prairie TwpDawn Swisher218-998-8019
Pelican TwpJoel Dulski218-998-8016
Perham TwpFranci Gleason218-385-5402
Pine Lake TwpFranci Gleason218-385-5402
Rush Lake TwpKevin Scheidecker218-998-8026
St. Olaf TwpTyler Synstelien218-998-8017
Scambler TwpTom Rundle218-998-8024
Star Lake TwpJoel Dulski218-998-8016
Sverdrup TwpLarry Cote218-998-8025
Tordenskjold TwpLarry Cote218-998-8025
Trondhjem TwpJoel Dulski218-998-8016
Tumuli TwpTyler Synstelien218-998-8017
Western TwpTyler Synstelien218-998-8017
Woodside TwpDawn Swisher218-998-8019
Battle Lake CityHeather Jacobson218-998-8022
Bluffton CityKevin Scheidecker218-998-8026
Clitheral CityLarry Cote218-998-8025
Dalton CityTyler Synstelien218-998-8017
Deer Creek CityDawn Swisher218-998-8019
Dent CityFranci Gleason218-385-5402
Elizabeth CityJoel Dulski218-998-8016
Erhard CityJoel Dulski218-998-8016
Fergus Falls CityJoleen Lentz218-998-8020
Henning CityDawn Swisher218-998-8019
New York Mills CityPam Moe218-385-5403
Ottertail CityHeather Jacobson218-998-8022
Parkers Prairie CityDawn Swisher218-998-8019
Pelican Rapids CityJoel Dulski218-998-8016
Perham CityFranci Gleason218-385-5402
Richville CityKevin Scheidecker218-998-8026
Rothsay CityJoleen Lentz218-998-8020
Underwood CityLarry Cote218-998-8025
Urbank CityDawn Swisher218-998-8019
Vergas VillageJoel Dulski218-998-8016
Vining CityLarry Cote218-998-8025
Wadena CityPam Moe218-385-5403

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