Child Support Services

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Child Support Services

Parental Support

Every child needs financial and emotional support. Every child has the right to this support from both parents. Devoted parents can be a loving and supporting force in a child’s life.

Even when parents do not live together, they need to work together to support their child. Without the involvement of both parents, too many children don’t get the chance they need and deserve to reach their full potential.

Child Support Enforcement Program

The child support enforcement program helps parents establish a financial partnership. Minnesota’s Department of Human Services Child Support Enforcement Division supervises the child support program. County child support offices administer the program.

An important goal of the child support program is to help families work toward becoming or remaining self-sufficient through improved child support collections. By working with both parents to establish and enforce support orders, Minnesota’s Child Support Program helps children receive the financial support, medical support, and child care support they deserve.

Child support services assist in establishing paternity for children and in the collection of child support. Although recipients of Minnesota Family Investment Program (MFIP) and Medical Assistance (MA) are required to use this service, others can apply for this service for a 1 time fee of $25.

Program Statistics

In 2011, this program’s caseload totaled over 2176 cases. Of this total, approximately 2034 are non public assistance clients and 142 are public assistance clients. During a typical month, the Child Support Enforcement Unit collects more than $480,557.75 in child support payments.

In 2011, Otter Tail County Support Services collected $5,766,693.00 in child support payments. The net cost to Otter Tail County in 2011 for these collections is $391,020.00. For every county dollar spent Otter Tail County Child Support collects about $15.

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