Congratulations Deputy Haberer!

Posted On: June 10, 2019

Patrol Deputy Dale Haberer has completed phase 1 of Institute for Credible Leadership (ICLD).

The Minnesota Sheriffs’ Association and the Otter Tail County Sheriff’s Office believe that every person who works in law enforcement is looked upon as a leader and we must develop and enhance leadership skills for all people in our organization. “Congratulations Deputy Haberer-Otter Tail County is proud of your service”

Patrol Deputy Dale Haberer pictured with certificate

The Institute for Credible Leadership (ICLD) is a four phase, on-line, leadership learning system offered through the Minnesota Sheriffs’ Association.  It is an educational journey designed as a comprehensive introduction to leadership, ethics, character, supervision, communication and self-development.  It raises participants level of organizational thought and team-building by focusing on the traits, theories and practices of organizational leaders from both private and public sectors who have made monumental changes within their organizations.  This program promotes continuous organizational growth and personal development.

There are 47 different courses for a total of 183 hours.

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