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Posted On: December 31, 2018
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What Happens When A Mailbox Becomes A Casualty of Plowing The Roads?

Plowing county roads is a matter of public safety. The highway department is entrusted with clearing roads, so travelers and commuters make it to their destinations. However, sometimes a mailbox gets damaged. There are several causes of mailbox damage during the winter. When a snowplow blade hits a mailbox there will be scratches and evidence of orange paint. When the mailbox is dented or crushed in that is usually due to snow hitting the mailbox. Another factor that contributes to mailbox damage is homeowners pushing snow onto highways and near mailboxes causing snow accumulation to be pushed into mailboxes. Remember, mailboxes are the responsibility of property owners and are allowed to be placed in the highway right of way. Mailboxes should have a swing away structure and repair is most often up to the property owner.

Snowplow drivers are pushing tons of snow while maintaining reasonable speeds. They are very conscientious drivers who report to supervisors when a mailbox is hit by a blade. Roadways are plowed by several different agencies including MN Department of Transportation, County Highway Departments and township and city crews. These crews work hard to keep roads clear.

If your mailbox has been damaged during a snow event, please read the following and take the appropriate action to get your mailbox restored.

“Mailboxes and fences damaged during snow removal will be evaluated case by case. Only those mailboxes and fences that were properly located and installed, and which were damaged by actual contact with county equipment may be repaired at the county’s expense.”

If your mail box was hit by an Otter Tail County snowplow, please contact:
OTC Highway Department at 218-998-8470
For more information about snow removal, please visit:

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