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Licensing and Relicensing | Content Page

Licensing & Relicensing Initial Licensing Forms For new adult foster care applicants only: AFC Handbook AFC Licensing Process Chemical Usage Policy Complaint Grievance Procedure DHS Family Adult Foster Care Application Fire Drills Guidelines Floor and Escape Plan Furnace Inspect Home Safety Checklist Home Study Program Plan Program Abuse Prevention Plan Program Abuse Prevention Plan Guide

Plans, Reports & Documents | Content Page

Human Services Plans, Reports & Documents 2011 Otter Tail County Human Service Continuing Operations Plan 2012 – 2013 Limited English Proficiency Plan (LEP) 2012 – 2013 Vulnerable Children and Adults Act Service Plan 2013 – 2014 Health Care Access Service Biennial Plan 2018-2019 County MFIP Biennial Service Agreement …

Client Forms | Content Page

Client Forms Adult Foster Care Client Forms ADL Estimation Guide Adult Foster Home Mobility Access Assessment Authorization To Release Confidential Information Cash Resource Procedure For Adult Foster Care Cash Resources Record Handbook Homes Plus Resident Personal Record Homes Plus Resident Rights and Vulnerable Adult Law Information Incident Reports Individual Abuse Prevention Plan Individual Resident Emergency

Community Assessment & Planning | Content Page

A community health assessment identifies and describe factors that affect the health of a community, and the factors that determine available resources to address those factors. A community health board, or another lead organization, collects, analyzes, and begins to use data to prioritize issues and make decisions. Otter Tail County Public Health is part of

Foster Care Forms and Documents | Content Page

•Fire Inspection Guidelines •Floor and Escape Plan •Furnace Inspection •Home Study Questionnaire •Statement of Intended Use •Two Way Release •Well Water Testing ◦MN Dept. of Human Services Approved Children’s Mental Health Training for Foster Parents ◦SUID/AHT Training Child Foster Care Relicensing Forms •Child Foster Care Home Safety Checklist •Children’s Mental Health Training •Fire…

Data Practices Policy and Requests for Data | Ordinance / Policy

The Minnesota Government Data Practices Act, Minnesota Chapter 13, is a state law that controls how government data is collected, created, stored, maintained, used and disseminated. It is the policy of Otter Tail County to collect and manage government data in accordance with Minnesota laws. Requests can be made by individuals for data about themselves,

Financial and Accounting Reports | Content Page

The Financial and Accounting Division of the County Auditor’s office is the chief financial and accounting office for Otter Tail County.  This division is responsible for the preparation of the annual financial statement, for fixed asset inventory and accounting, for the preparation of the county payroll, for grant oversight, for property tax settlement distributions, for

Audit Reports | Content Page

  Contact the Auditors Office 2018 State Auditor Report for Otter Tail County 2017 State Auditor Report for Otter Tail County 2016 State Auditor Report for Otter Tail County 2015 State Auditor Report for Otter Tail County 2014 State Auditor Report for Otter Tail County 2013 State Auditor Report for Otter Tail County 2012 State

Ditch 55 | Project

Updates and information on Otter Tail County, MN Ditch System 55 Link to Ditch Map January 2019 Property Owners Report Detail Benefit Worksheet Ditch 55 11-07-2017 Ditch 55 Affividavit of Mailing Ditch 55 Findings and Order Redetermining Benefits Service Letter and Amended Property Owner Information 01-31-2019 All Parcels – Ditch 55 December 2017 Ditch

Senior Services Directory | Content Page

Senior Services Directory Otter Tail County no longer maintains a resource directory. Please click on the link below for more information….

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